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July 12, 2012

Moom is a Real Thing

By Drew Barontini

Moom is a real thing, and it is amazing. There are numerous window management solutions out there on the Mac (Divvy, Breeze, etc.), but Moom is by far my favorite.

The Randomizing Green Button

We all know it. We all hate it. As of Mac OS X, Apple still has not provided the button with its expected functionality of maximizing the window full-screen. We have close, minimize, and “screw you, I’m going to jump wherever” buttons. Moom solves this. Hover over the green button, and you are provided with a customizable array of options.

Moom Controls

You can click on the controls to size the window full-screen, half-left, right, top, and bottom. Additionally, you can click-and-drag on the grid to move and resize the window.

However, Moom does not stop there. Set a keyboard shortcut (I use alt+tab) to bring up the Moom window, and you can use the arrow keys to move the front-focused window wherever you would like. Hit that same keyboard shortcut again (with the window up), and you are presented with the grid, which you can use in conjunction with the keyboard arrow keys to move and resize the window.

Moom Window Moom Grid

Snap It Like It’s Hot

Want to drag the window to the edges of the screen to resize? Moom also does that.

Moom Snap To

Power, We Want More Power

Where Moom really shines, is in its customization. Not only can you set keyboard shortcuts for given actions (e.g. move a window to your secondary display, zoom half-screen), you can set layout snapshots of how a given set of windows is arranged, and even trigger that snapshot when a certain resolution is detected.

Moom Custom Settings

So there you have it. Moom is my all-in-one window management solution, and I highly recommend it.

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