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Accidental Discoveries

Some of the most monumental discoveries were made by accident.

In addition to their accidental nature, the significance of these discoveries wasn’t realized immediately. Fleming published his findings in 1929, but penicillin wasn’t used clinically until the 1940s. It took years for X-ray technology to be widely adopted in medicine and security screening.

Be curious, explore, and don’t disregard the work you’re doing—you never know where it might lead. Your discovery doesn’t have to be groundbreaking like penicillin, X-rays, or microwaves. It could simply be an insight that solves a problem you’re working on.

I don’t have breakthroughs or insights while sitting in front of the computer. They occur unexpectedly—while walking outside, talking to someone, or diverting my attention elsewhere. This time allows my brain to connect the dots, view things from a fresh perspective, and process all the information I’ve absorbed.

Take breaks, go for walks, and let your mind wander. Our minds need space and exploration to make connections. Everything we learn is part of a larger puzzle in our minds, but we can’t see the whole picture without giving ourselves the freedom to explore.