Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential



March 03, 2020

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Appreciation was a big theme in 2019, and I've grown increasingly focused on it, particularly as a parent. It's an important concept when teaching kids about the "things" they get (and have) in life.

For my step-daughter, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Her friends have things, she sees things, and she wants things. Her perspective shifts to focus on everything she doesn't have.

This isn't good.

Appreciate what you have, or you'll never appreciate what you receive.

If she gets anything (phone, computer, car, etc.), someone will always have a nicer phone, computer, or car. And if you're living with wishful thinking, you'll never appreciate the phone, computer, or car you do have. More importantly, you won't appreciate the life you have that even allows you to afford a phone, computer, or car. Or even just being alive in general.

It's hard, though.

We live in a consumer world where we're constantly driven to believe we need the latest and greatest gadgets. If we don't, we must be living an unfulfilled life, right?


A fulfilled life is one where your heart is full and you are with the people you love.

When we look back on our life, we're not going to think about all the "things" we didn't have. We're going to think about the time with our loved ones. We're going to ache for just one more day, hour, or minute with them.

That is what matters.

But it's okay to indulge from time to time. I love Apple products and the new-and-shiny things I can buy. However, it's all about maintaining perspective. Focus on what matters so you can appreciate what is in front of you.

And to do so before time runs out.

Time is finite. And it moves faster than we want. I'm watching my son and step-daughter grow and change in the blink of an eye. It's beautiful, but it's also terrifying. I cherish every second.

I hope you do the same.