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Failure is Feedback

In the show Silicon Valley (on HBO), the character Gavin Belson showed a slide that read “Failure = Success”.

It was meant as a joke, but I think, with a small adjustment, the equation isn’t a joke. Hear me out.

Failure + Learning + Iteration = Success

Failure is a prerequisite for success. The path to success is not only paved with failures, but also the lessons and iterations that arise from these failures.

I learned programming by failing. Repeatedly — over and over again until I succeeded.

That is the essence of writing code: tight failure-iteration-success loops.

This process continues until you succeed. The knowledge you acquire deepens your understanding of the fundamentals. From there, you build further. Instead of dwelling on each error, you understand it is a natural and expected part of the journey towards success.

Apply this thinking to all endeavors.

See failure as feedback. Use failure as a guide. And grow exponentially.