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Find Your Own Path

I’ve been writing content for 60 consecutive days. I’ve crafted and shared over 100 pieces of original posts, images, and videos across Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’d like to talk about the journey so far, including a huge realization I came to.

Common advice around content creation is to focus on one niche. Figure out your unique position and lean into it.

But that wasn’t working for me.

I’m a generalist with a passion for exploring multiple subjects. So this approach felt restrictive and out of sync with my natural curiosity. The journey to find my voice was filled with trial and error, as I navigated through the advice of well-established creators who advocated for a singular, specific focus.

But then I had a realization.

Building my brand and voice isn’t about narrowing my interests, but about bridging them. The core of my focus lies in providing value by making complex information accessible and usable for others. This realization has not only allowed me to embrace my wide-ranging interests, but has also defined a unique niche that truly represents who I am:

I convert diverse knowledge into actionable insights.

I’ve built software for a long time. Within the tech industry, I’ve:

Embracing being a generalist in a world that champions specialization has its challenges, but it’s immensely rewarding. It’s a testament to the idea that our strengths often lie not in conforming to established paths, but in forging our own.

This journey has taught me the power of content creation lies in its ability to transform knowledge into action. My goal is to make information more navigable and understandable for everyone.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m finding my path. You should, too.