Drew Barontini

More about me

Maker & Manager

I thrive at the crossroads of being a maker and a manager. This intersection, rather than being a point of conflict, has become a source of strength and innovation.

I’ve always been passionate about creating and constructing something tangible and impactful. Simultaneously, I’ve been drawn to leadership and management roles. They provide satisfaction by steering teams and projects towards success, and empowering individuals to forge their own paths in creating meaningful work.

When I was a designer earlier in my career, the skills I learned along the way helped to sharpen my abilities as a developer; in turn, my developer skills enhanced my leadership skills. These transitions are symbiotic, each role feeding into the next, enriching my approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and strategic planning.

As a designer, I create designs that are innovative and customer-focused, while keeping business objectives in mind.

As a developer, I build solutions that are functional, visually appealing, and solve core user problems.

As a leader, I shape work that communicates complex ideas, addresses technical feasibility, and aligns sales and marketing strategies.

To those navigating the line between making and managing: remember, the diversity of your skills is your greatest asset. It enhances your versatility, enriches your work, and fosters empathy.