Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential

Nobody is Ready


March 10, 2020

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"Do you think I'm ready to be a leader?"

Whenever I'm asked this, I always answer the same way — "No." Nobody is ever ready to become a leader when the time comes. You don't get out of bed one day and say, "Yes, today is the day I am ready to lead!" That's not how leadership works. Hell, that's not how anything in life works.

If you aren't uncomfortable, you aren't growing.

With growth inherently comes discomfort. It means you are doing something you haven't done before — or doing something before you're ready. That's a natural part of the growth process. And it's a good thing!

There's an adage in building software that goes something like "if you ship when you're ready, then you've shipped too late." If you keep waiting until you're "ready", then you've waited too long. If you want to lead, just do it. If you want to learn a new skill, dive in. If you want to grow, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embrace the discomfort.