Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential



March 17, 2020

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Sometimes we think we have control, but we really don't. And sometimes we really want control, but we can't have it. And I believe those situations are the most stressful — the ones where we want control, but it's unattainable.

The only thing you can truly control is your reaction to what happens.

There's power in controlling your response when something bad happens. If you respond poorly, you're going to compound it and make it worse. But if you respond well to bad things, you're telling the Universe that you can handle it, and you know it happened for the right reason.

There is learning in failure. There is no sense in dwelling on the past or holding regrets. It's not worth it. Those things happened and, presumably, are the only reasons you're sitting where you are right now, today. Don't take that for granted. All the experiences we go through lead us to the next one and the next one. They are important parts of our journey.

So the next time something bad comes up, think hard about how you want to respond. Because that could be the difference between stunting emotional and intellectual growth versus evolving into a better version of yourself.

Control your reaction.