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Reframing Problems

Develop a growth mindset on your team with this simple reframing technique.

One of the most powerful tools in problem-solving is reframing problems as opportunities. This simple shift in perspective can unlock a wealth of innovation.

An effective method for doing this is to use “How Might We” statements.

“How Might We” statements are an effective method for shifting perspective.

Instead of stating a problem as a roadblock, “How Might We” statements present it as a challenge to be addressed. For example, instead of saying, “Our product is not user-friendly,” a team might say, “How might we make our product more user-friendly?” This reframing prompts solution-focused thinking and encourages a positive, collaborative approach.

Leveraging “How Might We” statements in team retrospectives and collaboration sessions can be particularly impactful. It encourages team members to view challenges as shared problems to solve collectively, rather than individual failures.

The next time you encounter a problem, try reframing it as a “How Might We” statement. You might be surprised at the opportunities it opens up.