Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential

Scheduling Creativity


March 31, 2020

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Creativity is free-flowing, open, and spontaneous work that cannot be confined, right? While occassionally true, creativity can be scheduled. You can dedicate a set time to being creative. And you can time-box it, too.

I regularly block off time in my calendar for "brainstorming." While it is a structured time for an individual focus, there are no rules around how I spend that time. I can sketch, write, walk outside, lay on the floor, and anything else, really. It's time to let my brain wander and explore new ideas and opportunities.

I've found this helpful when developing an idea or building a strategy. If I can't get through it by writing, I will schedule time to brainstorm, and then the activity is fulfilled by whatever I'm feeling on that given day/time.

Try it. Block off time on your calendar to think. It's wonderful.