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Share, Save, Measure

Focus on the journey, not just the destination.

Here are three essential practices while working towards a goal:

Share your progress. Embrace the chaos of creation by sharing your works in progress. It’s not just about the end product — it’s the journey that counts. Be vocal about the decisions, the pivots, and the progress. This transparency invites feedback and drives iteration.

Save your work. Document. Document. Document. From the first sketch on a napkin to the final product walkthrough, every stage is precious. Save screenshots, record videos, and maintain detailed documentation as your product evolves. This treasure trove is not just for nostalgia; it’s a playbook for future innovation and a safeguard against repeating past mistakes.

Measure your impact. Begin with the end in mind with clear metrics. Track these diligently as you progress, and meticulously measure your impact post-launch. Understanding the ROI and real-world outcomes of your efforts is key to validating your approach and fueling future innovations.

Embrace these practices not as chores, but as opportunities to highlight the impact, refine your craft, and contribute to continuous innovation.