Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential

Small Windows


March 05, 2020

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Being a good partner is about knowing when and how to support your partner. It's about finding those small windows at just the right time. You don't need to move mountains. You just need to create small windows of time where your partner can catch their breath.

Identify the right time: the when. Listen and genuinely pay attention to your partner's words, mannerisms, and demeanor. Identify the point at which they need their small window.

Give them their window: the how.

  • Have they been spending all day with screaming kids? Take the kids out of the house and give them quiet for 30 minutes.
  • Have they spent all day cleaning up after everyone? Do the dishes and clean up the house while they get a chance to catch their breath.
  • Are they stressing about making a decision on something? Ask them if they want to talk about it, or if there is any support you can provide.

Small windows are different for everyone. We want different things at different times. What's important is identifying when it's time to provide someone their small window. And taking the right steps to deliver.