Drew BarontiniProduct Director at Differential

The Little Things


April 09, 2020

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In situations like the one we currently find ourselves in, it's an opportunity to focus on the little things. An opportunity to cherish every moment with your loved ones. When there is so much bad, we must focus on the good.

Whether it's a thoughtful note from my step-daughter, wishing me a good day. And this comes at a time when she has every right to be annoyed, frustrated, bored, and upset, an 11-year-old stuck at home, missing her friends, missing the outside world. But she took the time to share that with me and make my day.

Or it's watching the garbage truck with my son. We waved and thanked them for their service during these trying times.

Or taking a picture of my step-daughter for "School Spirit Day", a valiant effort by her school trying to make progress, to move forward.

Or my son relaxing and watching Toy Story (for the 100th time).

Or just taking pictures and making funny faces.

It's the little things.