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Think Different

When confronted with difficult problems, we tend to limit our thinking based on our own mental models and experiences. These shape our perception of the world.

To diversify our thinking, we need to forcibly adopt different perspectives. This approach enables us to explore various mental models and generate creative solutions to problems.

Typically, this is achieved through collaboration and brainstorming within a group. Each group member leverages their distinct thought processes, mental models, and experiences to contribute to creative problem-solving strategies.

But what if you’re working alone?

Here are three ways to think differently about a problem you’re wrestling with:

  1. Use reframing questions. This could include asking yourself questions like, “What would this look like if it were easy?“. Coming up with reframing questions can prompt you to think differently about potential solutions to the problem.
  2. Write out the problem to present to someone else. Do a formal write-up of the problem without identifying potential solutions. The act of writing out the problem will force you to think about it in a new light. You can also seek out others with diverse perspectives and present the write-up to them. Ask them to provide possible solutions.
  3. Use a tool like ChatGPT to provide diverse perspectives. ChatGPT can give you a range of potential solutions to the problem you may not have thought about. Some suggestions may be obvious ones you thought of, but it’s a quick way to generate a variety of possibilities.